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Katie O'Neill  , age 19 of Fairfield, beloved daughter of Paul X. O'Neill and the late Maureen Gerrity, passed away tragically along with her mother Monday, March 10, 2014. Katie and her Dad Paul were active in our ASF community. Please hold Katie, along with her Mother Maureen, and all their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers


We have booked the Emilson YMCA , Outdoor Pool Center for Saturday, June 18th, 2016 from 12:00-5:00.

There are three full sized pools, plus a shallow mushroom shaped waterfall pool with zero entry. Perfect for the kids, who love water! There are three pavillions for shade and grills on hand.

The outdoor pool center is located behind the main YMCA building at:
 75 Mill Street
 Hanover, MA

Linda: 781-837-1698/617-921-7730 daly38@hotmail.com

This Emilson YMCA is located just a short distance from Rt 3/ South East Expressway, so it is an easy hop off/on the highway. 

The ASF Upper Northeast Region is a 100% volunteer organization run by parents and grandparents of individuals with Angelman Syndrome.  Our mission is to support families both here in New England and our extended family of the Angelman community across the world. We strive to advance the awareness and the treatment of Angelman Syndrome through networking, education, and fundraising for information exchange and research.  Our educational events are always free to attend.  For more information on how you can support our organization please visit our website.
Summer BBQ & Swimming
June 18, 2016
Hanover, MA